Wyoming Best of the Best Rules 2018-2019


*All participants must become a member of the local chapter where a qualifying event is to take place. The membership fee for a local chapter will include free participation in the qualifying event and Big Coyote/Little Coyote.

*No activities from any aircraft, snow machine, motor cycle or any tracked vehicle. The use of any ATV to include side by sides are allowed in WBOTB events for the purpose of traveling between stands. A four wheeler for use with two man teams and a side by side for three man teams must follow all Game & Fish and Federal BLM/USFS rules.

*No baiting or hunting coyotes over “known” dead piles. It is against WBOTB rules to call or take coyotes over dead carcasses that have been placed at a site either by the hunter or by another person that contributes to attracting coyotes for the purpose of increasing their harvest during a WBOTB event.

*No hunting with dogs (leave them at home during the day of the event). If you have a dog with you in your vehicle at any time, you will be disqualified.

*No trapped, snared, poisoned, road killed or penned coyotes.

*All coyotes harvested must be covered and out of sight of the public. Coyotes must be out of sight up to the six foot level meaning a pickup bed will be satisfactory, but a flatbed will require the coyotes to be covered with a tarp. All teams at check in that do not follow this rule will be disqualified.

*Only coyotes shot by your team will count. No combined tallies.

*Teams must stay within the same vehicle at all times, including ATV’s.

*At least one member of your team must be present at Friday night registration with all paperwork signed for other team member(s) if they are not present including release for accidents, injury, or death while participating in a WBOTB event.

*Remote registration is allowed at all qualifiers. Remote registration can only be completed by contacting the specific event coordinator at least one week preceding their qualifying event. This pre-registration will consist of texting, faxing, or emailing a complete registration form to the event coordinator or by contacting them to fill out the registration form over the phone. A team number will be assigned and you will be responsible for providing the blocks for your own team. The remote team must then mail their membership fees, big coyote/little coyote and Calcutta(if pursued legally by meeting state statutes) to the event coordinator in the form of a check or money order, payable to that specific event coordinator(not WBOTB). All funds must be received prior to the Friday night registration or that pre-registered team will not be entered into the qualifying event. No exceptions will be made. It is the remote registered team’s responsibility to make certain that funds will be delivered through the postal service in the required time frame. An effort will be made by the event coordinator to contact remote teams where funds are not received by Friday night registration. Any team whose funds were not received will not be allowed to participate in the event check-in Saturday night. No arguments will be entertained and the event coordinator’s decision is final. A phone number for the event coordinators is listed on the Private Facebook WBOTB web site. Please contact the appropriate coordinator in advance of the event for which you would like to participate in. There will be a $20 fee per team implemented to remote register. A circuit point will be awarded for the pre-registered team. For example, a team participating in the Rock Springs event that is from Casper may remote register. They will need to contact the Rock Springs event coordinator, at least one week prior to the event, and have a membership form completed by one of the four methods. The event coordinator will then assign a team number and instruct the team to produce blocks with the appropriate assigned number. The event coordinator will await payment prior to his event. Once payment is received, the remote team will be entered into the event. The remote team must, however, check in Saturday night at the event city they are participating in for their coyotes to count. In this case, it would be Rock Springs. No remote check-ins on Saturday night.

*Teams must be checked in no later than 7 p.m. on Saturday night/NO EXCEPTIONS. All members of each team must be present at check in for their coyote tallies to count.

*Any violation of any state Game&Fish, Tribal, and/or Federal laws is grounds for disqualification to be determined by WBOTB committee members.

*Event hours for the WBOTB events are half hour before sunrise to half hour after sunset. *Placings will be determined by total weight of coyotes. A maximum entry of five coyotes will be weighed for any qualifying event. If more than five coyotes are harvested during any qualifying event the team members will choose which five coyotes are to be weighed for their participation prior to check in.

*Placings for the Championship event will be determined by total weight of coyotes. A maximum entry of ten coyotes will be weighed. If more than ten coyotes are harvested during the two day hunt the team members will choose which ten coyotes are to be weighed for their entry.

*All ties during an event will be broken based on total weight of coyotes checked in followed by weight of big coyote if needed.

*The judges’ decision is final.

*Encouragement of youth participation in events will include: A team may have up to four members as long as at least one is a youth (aged 12 or younger). These youths will be allowed to participate in the hunt without paying any extra membership fees. Anyone over the age of 12 must pay a membership fee. For two man teams with one participant being a youth, a membership fee must be paid by both hunters.

*No less than 2 members per team and no more than 3 total members with the exception of youth participation with the total capped at 4 members. No single member teams.

*Only paid members/youths on your team allowed in your vehicle during the day of the hunt.

*All coyotes will be core checked for temperature to determine same day kills.

*All coyotes must be videoed during placement of the block/band in the mouth of the coyote using a cell phone while the coyote is fresh and not rigorous. If there is no video taken the coyote will not count at check-in. Videos are not to be used for Facebook or texts or shared with the public.

*All coyotes must be photographed with the hunter harvesting the coyote after each kill. The time and sequential number of coyote killed must be visible in the photograph. If there is no photo taken the coyote will not count at check-in. Photos are not to be used for Facebook or texts or shared with the public.

*All coyotes must be properly blocked or they will not count.

*No blatant alteration of any harvested coyote to effect weight for big coyote/little coyote and/or total weight.

*All taken animals can be subjected to inspection. The WBOTB reserves the right to withhold awards and recognition until verification of questionable taken coyotes are determined to be within the rules.

*All coyotes checked in during a WBOTB hunt are property of the local hunt. There will be no exception to this rule. If coyotes are entered into the contest they become property of the local event. Don’t even ask for alternative actions to be taken towards this rule!

*State Championship will be a two day event. Thursday night registration must be attended by all participants which may include a legally permissible Calcutta immediately following. Friday hunt “text in” will require a photo of all coyote’s harvested and total number of coyotes taken. Saturday night check-in will be 4 p.m.

*The top placing teams at the any WBOTB event may be submitted to a lie detection test administered by WBOTB officials to assure that all rules were followed during the event. Failure of the test may result in the team being disqualified and/or banned from all future/present WBOTB events. Also, all awards and recognition received during the qualifying event or total of all the season’s events will be required to be returned to WBOTB.

*Absolutely no tolerance for cheating. If you are caught cheating you will forfeit all awards and recognition and membership fees and be banned for life.

WBOTB Circuit Champion Rules and Qualifying Standards

*Each team will be awarded 1 point for registration Friday night and 1 point for checking in on time Saturday Night. Remote registered teams will also be awarded 1 point for Friday night.

*1 point will be awarded for each coyote harvested during the qualifying event up to a total of five coyotes or 5 points.

*The point totals for placing in each qualifying events will be awarded as follows:

1st Place – 5 points

2nd Place – 4 points

3rd Place – 3 points

4th Place – 2 points

5th Place – 1 point

*Teams must participate in 4 of the 7 qualifying events to be eligible for the circuit title. This means your team must register/check-in on both Friday and Saturday nights. If you are late for the Saturday night check in, the event does not count towards the four events. State does not count towards the qualifying event total.

*You must participate with the same team the entire year for your points to accumulate towards your team’s total. If you start as a two person team you must participate with that same partner at every event in order to accumulate points for that team. If you start as a three person team you cannot drop one of your members without creating a new team. Every time you add or drop a member it creates a new team and a new circuit point total.

*Cumulative point tie breakers for the circuit championship will be determined by the following format: number of qualifying events attended, number of coyotes killed (up to five coyotes per event), total weight of coyotes killed, and then the big coyote weight.

This award is to recognize consistent hunters who stick together and endure the whole season as a team. If this is an award you are wanting to win, make sure your hunting partner or partners are on board with you for the entire season no matter what. It’s like a marriage, “Until Death Do Us Part”!

EXAMPLE: Your team participates in 5 qualifiers. Your team registered locally at three events. Your team registered remotely at two events. You checked in Saturday night at all events on time except on one event you were late for check-in. Your team harvested 6 coyotes, 3 coyotes, 1 coyote and 4 coyotes during the events where you checked in on time. Your team placed 1st at one event, 3rd at another event and 4th at another event. Your point total for the circuit champion would be:

Friday night registration: 5 points

Saturday night check in: 4 points

Total Coyotes: 13 points

Placing’s: 10 points

Total Points: 32 Points